Dark Canyon Labs announces start of Phase 2 Clinical Trial in December 2016

Dark Canyon Labs is pleased to announce that subject enrollment begins in December for a Phase 2 trial comparing the safety and efficacy of DCL-101 vs. GoLYTELY® in preparing the bowel for routine colonoscopy.  DCL-101 is Dark Canyon Labs' novel capsule prep that eliminates the need to drink the salty-tasting solution of other preps, completely transforming the patient experience. GoLYTELY® is the current gold standard bowel prep in terms of efficacy, so will be used as the comparator.  

The trial is now listed on ClinicalTrials.gov, a service of the National Institutes of Health.

To learn more about enrolling in the clinical trial, please contact Philip Calvillo from Robarts Clinical Trials, at 626-658-0870 or  Philip.Calvillo@robartsinc.com